The tournament schedule for all teams will be set as soon as possible to determine teams’ expenditures, travel arrangements, and assist with overall budgetary planning. The tournament schedules should be decided by early December. 

Expectations of players and parents for tournament days:

1. All players are expected to be in the gym, READY TO WARM UP, at the arrival time determined by the coach. The RVA standard is an hour to 45 minutes before the first game regardless if you play or referee.

2. Proper demeanor is expected of all members of the Club (coaches, players, parents, supporters) at all tournaments. This includes treating members of the officiating crew, other coaches, players and parents with respect during and between matches. Keep in mind that you are representing the RVA.

3. All RVA players and coaches must attend an officiating clinic to learn the rules of volleyball and how to officiate/score-keep.

4. Officiating and Scorekeeping at tournaments. All junior tournaments are at least partially self-officiated. Officiating at tournaments is the shared responsibility of the entire team, including coaches. All RVA players are required to help with the line judging, scorekeeping, score flipping, and down officiating. Teams assigned to the officiating and scorekeeping must fulfill this responsibility, especially during the playoffs. Players may not leave the tournament site unless excused by the coach and parents should not ask the coach to make an exception. Except for a true emergency, all players must remain at the tournament with the team until the completion of the team’s officiating and scorekeeping duties. This is non-negotiable. The following “Team Player" concept should be understood, “Win as a team, lose as a team, officiate and score-keep as a team.” An exception is that a coach may excuse a player early due to injury, or other significant emergencies.

5. Parents or players are not permitted to confront coaches on tournament days to discuss playing time, or to complain about tactics, strategy, individual, or team performance. Parents are encouraged to take notes about their concerns, and follow our required grievance procedures as outlined within this document (please see grievance procedures below).

6.  We have a club-wide cell phone policy.  Cell phones will not be out at tournaments or practices and players need coaches’ permission to use cell phones.  Rules also apply to travel and cell phones (see travel portion of the handbook.)

7. Coaches may have additional team rules for tournaments that their players must follow.


In area tournaments (i.e. the greater Great Lakes region): Players and/or parents are responsible for providing transportation for their player to and from tournament sites. Carpools are acceptable.

Out of area tournaments (i.e. Minnesota, Chicago, Indiana): When the team travels together to “out of area tournaments”, be on time for departure. All members of a team will stay in the same hotel. Hotel rooms will be booked by the travel coordinator for each team in consultation with the Club Director.   Any parent or player that does not stay with the team may do so only with the permission of the Club Director. Players will not leave the hotel without a parent, coach, or chaperone and must notify the coach. Players must use a buddy system at all times. When traveling as a team, room numbers and phone numbers are to be given ONLY to members of the travel party. Curfews for the players may be established by the coaches. It is the parent/chaperone's responsibility to assist coaches in enforcing such curfews.

Violation of curfew may result in the player being expelled from the club.

Players who damage any property at lodging or playing facility will be responsible for the damages. Any player found in possession of alcohol or other controlled substances, including tobacco products, while representing the RVA will be sent home immediately at the expense of the parent or guardian. Club Leadership will decide any other reasons for sending a player home at the expense of the parent/guardian during an out of area tournament.