Attendance is mandatory. Players are expected to be at every training session (practice). Every effort should be made to manage homework and schedule outside activities in a way that does not conflict with practices and tournaments. A player's absence has an adverse effect on the individual player as well as the development of the entire team. If a player needs to miss practice, arrive late, or leave early, that player must notify his/her coach with as much notice as possible. 

Coaches may have additional team rules for practices that their players must follow. 

Training sessions are designed with the player in mind. The RVA coaches have taken into consideration the need for adequate rest and recovery in avoiding excessive stress to the player.


  • In the case of inclement weather, coaches will check the website. The director will also send notifications via the clubs approved messaging app along with sending an email to the address provided by the coaches.

Practice times and place:

  • All practices will be held at the UW Sports Factory unless otherwise indicated by the coach. Updates to practice schedules will also be communicated via the RVA website. Times vary by teams, but in general, practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm (each team will practice for 1.5 to 2 hours).

Parents at practices

  • The Club is implementing “A No Parents at Practice” policy.  We want parents to release their child to the experience of playing volleyball.  This begins at practice. Parents are welcome to watch from the lobby or upstairs when this space is available. If special circumstances arise and parents feel it is absolutely necessary to sit at courtside, please communicate with coaches and directors ahead of time.  (Special circumstances might be when your child is feeling sick or recovering from an injury.) Not having parents at practices allows both players and coaches to focus on the “Game” and not on “Mom” & “Dad.”