Rockford Volleyball Club Personal System of Management

Successful organizations need effective leadership, a sound philosophy, strong core values, a clear vision, and a detailed plan for growth.  It is extremely important to our organization that our coaches are effective at managing “our” teams and have a plan for success. To help manage each team so our athletes may have a quality learning experience, the directors of Rockford Volleyball Club have developed a written comprehensive personal system of management.  These different strategies will help lead to maximize learning and performance in our program. Below is our RVA Personal Management Model to help promote success for our athletes, parents, coaches, and directors within our club.  


Core Values

We value the relentless pursuit of excellence from all our players, parents, and coaches in …

1. Teaching correct fundamentals, advance skills and high-level strategies

2. Developing Character, Leadership Traits, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship

3. Excellence in Performance and Competition


We expect our athletes to be committed. 

  1. Commitment to the coach

    1. Coaches want their players to strive to get better.

    2. Coaches want their players to trust and believe in them and the vision and goals of the team.

    3. Coaches expect their players to work hard in practice, but put in “extra work” outside of practice.

  2. Commitment to the club

    1. Players of RVA are a part of a bigger picture than just their team.

      1. All members of the club are teammates.

      2. All members of the club are committed to the vision and the mission of the organization.

  3. Commitment to each other

    1. Commitment to ALL teammates is the foundation of unity.

    2. Teammates are family and need to be treated as so.

    3. Be kind and take care of each other.

  4. Commitment to the team

    1. Coaches want athletes that will fulfill their obligation to the team.

    2. Athletes who have a strong commitment to the team will set good examples for others and will be able to follow the team’s vision.

    3. Players must put their needs second and the needs of the team first. “TEAM BEFORE ME”

We expect our athletes to be good teammates.

  1. Being on a team is like being part of a family.  

    1. We all don’t have to like each other, but we treat each other with respect. 

    2. We take care of each other.

    3. We have a brotherly/sisterly love for one another.

    4. Good teammates are loyal to each other.  If we have disagreements, we don’t gossip or get others to choose sides.

We expect our athletes to be motivated and to be self-disciplined.

  1. A motivated individual is a self-starter.

  2. Coaches want athletes who realize there are no shortcuts to success.

  3. Characteristics of a person who is self-disciplined.

    1. Good habits

    2. Maintains a good diet

    3. Trains extra

    4. Stays hydrated

    5. Stretches regularly

  4. Individuals who are motivated have self-discipline and are “SUCCESSFUL.”

We expect our athletes to be enthusiastic.

  1. Enthusiasm is contagious.

  2. Enthusiasm breeds positive energy.

  3. Athletes who are enthusiastic add fun to the team.

  4. We expect our athletes to have a positive attitude.

    1. Coaches love athletes with positive attitudes.

    2. Players with positive attitudes help build an enjoyable climate.

    3. Athletes who have positive attitudes are able to maximize their potential for success better than ones with negative attitudes.

We expect our athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

  1. Good sportsmanship is a testimony to good character.

  2. Coaches want players to respect the game, the officials, the opponents, the crowd, and most importantly, themselves.  

  3. Athletes who have good attitudes will be winners for life. practice